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Running and Ease-ter

The tenth entry of The Running Diaries, like a short, sweet, bound…

These past two weeks have been the lowest mileage this year and maybe that’s why I feel a little underwhelmed coming to write about them. I was taking it easy and listening to my body, fitting the runs around what else has been going on. So rather than force something inspirational or metaphorical to write about… I’m just gonna take it easy and sum up the fortnight’s runs in a short, sweet (and some might say sexy) blog post.

Distance – 4.0miles
Took on the Eastville park steps again – a set of long and steep steps which I love to challenge myself and see how quick I can get up them, then how short my recovery time is once I reach the top. Definitely getting faster as strength builds!

Distance – 3.33miles and 3.84miles
I was bloody buzzing after the most brilliant zoom meeting ever… (who would have thought I would enjoy a zoom meeting!) So headed out the door to use that excitement as fuel for my run! I realised I had speed on my side so tried to keep pushing for a 5k pb. After forgetting what 5k was in miles (My brain only works in miles!) I stopped after 3.33 and caught my breath – a pb not achieved but still felt pleased I’d been able to put my foot down…or should I say feet down….lol. Then I threw into the mix, a hill training session with my speed training session. I headed home via Clifton & Cotham chasing all the hills I could find. Which was actually a lot of fun, not worrying about speed. I definitely prefer endurance and strength training over speed…Sometimes I think I’d like a coach to give my sessions a proper purpose and focus…

Distance – 2.5miles
An absolute easy run after being super sick on Sunday! I am so fricking grateful to have received the vaccine because of work. But having 5G put in me, made me so ill for 24 hours! At least I could track my run via the chip in my arm 😛 (Just kidding – everyone get the vaccine – I feel amazing now and so excited for life to open up again!)

Distance – 2.5miles
As we reached the end of term, my body was definitely demanding I rest…so this was another short, easy run, where I headed to my favourite lookout spot and secret bench. I took a lengthy sit, listened to the water, the birds….and the traffic. Love that spot. Want to try and get to that seat more often… (It is in a graveyard, but it’s deadly peaceful 😛 )

This isn’t a pic of my secret fav spot… I’m keeping it secret for me 😛

Distance – 6.1miles
A beautiful evening in Bristol, running through one of the nicest (and defo highest) parks in Bristol, with some stunning, sun setting, panoramic views of the city. Tried to take it super gentle and thought a lot about this week’s upcoming challenge, what distances might be do-able for me… and what might be too much.

So maybe with all the easy speeds and short distances I’ve done these past two weeks, there’s not a lot of cooling down to do. Running with ease didn’t feel exactly inspiring to do…or to write about, but felt necessary for now. And maybe my best inspiration comes from the quietest of moments. The ease of rest. The stillness of sitting.

p.s Shoutout to my sis for the title of this week’s diary entry. Very punny 😛

Soundtrack to this entry: Leave The Door Open, Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic (Listened to this a lot on my Easter run, so cool, calm and collected)

Snack for this entry: Easter Eggs!