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Alison Cowling

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Running and The 10x2x3 Challenge

The eleventh entry of The Running Diaries reflecting on my latest challenge that stretched to sixty miles in three days… 6.04am. 06/04/21. The streets lay bare. The paths lay empty. There was frost on the grass and the trees stood still as the sun’s rays gently peered through the branches, onto my cheeks. The deserted… Continue reading

Running and Ease-ter

The tenth entry of The Running Diaries, like a short, sweet, bound… W A R M U P These past two weeks have been the lowest mileage this year and maybe that’s why I feel a little underwhelmed coming to write about them. I was taking it easy and listening to my body, fitting the… Continue reading

Running and Milestones

The ninth entry of The Running Diaries, reaching epic waypoints along the journey… I often find it strange writing the running diaries. I love it. I do. A chance for me to sit down and write, be creative and just unpack the buzzing thoughts in my head. But it’s changed the way I run too…. Continue reading

Running and Flow

The eighth entry of The Running Diaries, like a run full of stops and starts… Running and… running and… running and… *Dodge the bike* Running and… *Dodge the walker* Running and…running and… *Skip the song* Running and – *STOP! That’s a car.* *Check the app. Check my stitch. Head Home.* ____  ______  _____________  ____________________  ____… Continue reading

Running and The 4x4x48 Challenge

The seventh entry of The Running Diaries, hopefully you don’t need as much stamina to read this as was needed to do it… Monday morning…drifted into Monday afternoon. The ceiling looked unchanging. The walls unmoving. The sounds from the street outside unexciting. I had nowhere to be, nowhere to go and no family to see…. Continue reading

Running and Presence

The sixth entry of The Running Diaries, taking one step at a time… As the term was coming to an end at work and all was winding down ready for half term…I found I was left with excess energy to get outside and push myself on my runs. Maybe it was the anxiety of knowing… Continue reading

Running and Hope

The fifth entry of The Running Diaries, a hop, skip and a jump of a run… This was a week of play, PB’s and hope! The sense of the lighter evenings were really hitting home. Yay! January Tick. Bring on February. S T A R T   L I N E Monday felt like such a… Continue reading

Running and Fulfillment

The fourth entry of The Running Diaries, a short, snappy circuit… She jutters and splutters… cogs not whirring how they should. She judders and spludders… coming to a very certain stop. No, not me on a run but my dear ol’ van! Breaking down on a Monday afternoon on my way back from work. My… Continue reading

Running and Resilience

The third entry of The Running Diaries, a continual bob along the track… The inspiration for this week’s blog popped into my mind on my first run of the week, so clearly and pronounced, it made me smile and drove me on. It was the Wednesday, I had given myself two days off for rest… Continue reading

Running and Drive

The second entry of The Running Diaries, which this week is very much a jog and a sprint and a glide and a trudge… Mile 19. You’ve made it. To mile 19. You can’t quite believe it and so double check and triple check and quadruple check the app. There would be the sense of… Continue reading